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Some unique things to do in Munnar

To make each experience with us memorable enjoy all the activities Luxury family resorts in Munnar offer during your stay right from our Ethnic Games, Organic farming, and learning local cuisines to Trekking – it is all an experience of becoming one with nature. The inviting lanes and streets enveloped in eucalyptus and other moss-covered vegetation, the fresh breath of nature filled air casts a hypnotic spell. A must-do is to sample different flavours of local brews of tea, and even check out how a handful of fresh tea leaves transform into energizing cups of beverages. Undergo an experience of tranquillity, something deep & intoxicating. Enjoy the pleasure of coexistence with otherwise negligibly small creatures like parachute worms and small sun birds.

Remember to carry your trekking shoes and a heart to explore the treasured secrets of nature.
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Shola Trek (on Blackberry Hills estate)

Set in about 15 acres of land occupying an entire mountain side, movement is an integral part of the activities for us. Trekking trail inside the estate along with our staff or on your own is an enriching experience. As you trek down the estate you come across different plantation activities. Cardamom, Vetiver, Sisal, Strawberry, Coffee and other spices. Once you cross the boundary of the estate you would be interested to continue the trekking downhill to the near by village cum tea plantation called. Attukad meaning forest by the river in Tamil. If the weather in Munnar is wet, you may want to carry rain gear. This is definitely the most charming and undoubtedly the best trekking trail in Munnar.
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Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari | Munnar Jeep Safari

You may have wondered, ‘which is the highest tea estate in the world? The answer lies in the pristine Western Ghats of Munnar. Kolukkumalai tea estate. Currently run by the Harrison Malayalam Munnar Tea Company, the jeep ride to the top will give you a rush of adrenaline while serene virgin nature will soothe your nerves. The drive is via Gap Road where you can simply appreciate the abundant bio-diversity of Munnar and the heavenly ambience of Munnar and surrounding Kanan Devan Hills. You can also cover Aanayirangal Dam and various other sightseeing spots of Munnar en-route. 

The drive is for about 2 hours out of which you experience a bumpy offroad drive for about 1 hour. The jeep safari points excellent locations for photography and Munnar photo points. Kolukkumalai soft trek and walk is truly a remarkable experience. You also get to visit a vintage colonial tea factory that produces 100% organic tea in Munnar. Enrich yourself with multiple experience of tea plantations, cardamom plantation and processing, local village life style and agriculture activities, including cultivation of cash crops like rubber, coco, and spices ranging from ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cloves nutmeg etc.

It is a full day activity. Plan in such a way that you get either a sunrise or sunset up at Kolukkumalai. All arrangements can be done by our team.

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Mountain Biking in Munnar

The resorts in munnar also provide mountain bikes on hire – free for in-house guests. The services of guide also available. It is a wonderful experience to do biking along the tractor tracks of the tea estates. There are several roads less crowded where you would be safe to do biking, such as along the picturesque banks of Munnar Dam, leading towards the High Range Club, towards Chokkanad tea estate and to Devikulam, Towards Lakshmi hills from the Old Munnar junction. The narrow road that from the resort leading to the next village called Bison Valley is also beautiful biking track. However this track has lot of downhill drive and sharp curves. If you are a seasoned expert Munnar is an excellent destination to conduct a series for mountain biking activity. Depending on the trail you choose to follow, Munnar biking could either turn out to be an adventure activity or a relaxing activity. If you are staying with us, you can forget about all Munnar bike rental services for we provide the best bikes in Munnar.

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Cardamom Plantation Visit

This is a short 2 hour guided soft trek to a nearby cardamom plantation. Cardamom, regarded as the queen of all spices because of its exotic aroma and taste thrives in the hills of Munnar for the altitude, the climate and the weather in Munnar is ideal for Cardamom. You get to see the intricacies of growing and cultivating cardamom first hand and perhaps even taste a few pods directly from the plant.

Talk to our team if it sounds interesting to you.

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Social Responsibility Activities

We would like to welcome our guests and visitors to participate or partake in our efforts contribute towards the less privileged of the near by village. Those interested to do charity activities or visits, we recommend Mercy Home in Chengulam, a house that takes care of more than 300 inmates including men and women who are ill either physically or mentally and neglected by families, society and loved ones. There are about 125 children from broken families who are given boarding and schooling facility. It is a 45 minutes driving distance from the resort. The volunteers of this house are inspired by the Charisma of Mother Teresa of Culcutta

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