Best Hotels in Munnar / Best Resorts in Munnar

Nature resorts in Munnar

Best Hotels in Munnar / Best Resorts in Munnar

So you are planning your Kerala tour. Especially if you are a newly married couple, Kerala honeymoon packages are very popular as it is a true romantic getaway where privacy is the password. It is perhaps one of the most renowned honeymoon destinations in India.

You may now have already understood from your research that almost all honeymoon packages in Kerala are sure to include Munnar in the itinerary. That is how important Munnar is to have a holistic experience of Kerala. In fact, there is a saying that you have not been to Kerala until you have seen Munnar.

Kerala offers a wide variety of experiences for travellers from around the world. Medical tourism and even Yoga retreat in Kerala is something to look forward to. Kerala yoga retreats are conducted from time to time at some of the most popular resorts in Kerala like Blackberry Hills Retreat & Spa offering a spiritual journey to unite with the universe.

Because of the popularity of the destination and the resulting demand, over time, a huge number of hotels in Kerala and resorts in Kerala have come up. And finding that right Kerala resort may be an overwhelming task because unless the personalities of the traveller and the hotel are in sync, chances are that both parties will not have a nice time engaging with each other resulting in an unpleasant holiday for the guest.

This is a little guide for choosing the right hotel for you in Munnar.

Munnar hotels are of a wide variety especially considering the fact that the Kerala hotels industry is quite vast and matured. The majority of the best hotels in Munnar are massive concrete structures spoiling the very natural charm of the destination while many are located right next to overcrowded Munnar tourist places. There are barely any Munnar resorts with characters providing an authentic and unique experience for travellers.

Hence your number one priority is to decide what kind of hotel you wish to stay. Is it a multi-storeyed luxury hotel in Munnar (5-star hotels in Munnar) that you are searching for? Are you searching for a hotel very close to the town (noisy and polluted)? Are you ready to stay in a secondary destination that is about 20 km far away from the actual Munnar – Places like Chithirapuram, Rajakkad, Chinnakkanal/Chinnakanal, Aanachal/Anachal are quite far away from the actual Munnar and do not provide the vistas, the landscapes, the tea estates etc. that you may be looking forward to. Or are you looking for a place that provides you with a stay close to nature and an authentic experience of Munnar encompassing culinary and cultural aspects of this erstwhile colonial hill station in the Western Ghats.

I wish to believe that Blackberry Hills Retreat & Spa does justice to the travellers by providing just that. Out of the umpteen number of resorts in Munnar that has mushroomed over time, Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa has withstood the tests of time because we were unique.

Be it the ambience, be it the food that we serve in our restaurant in Munnar, be it the carefully curated places to visit in Munnar, be it the specially designed Munnar sightseeing trips, it is truly one of the Bests resorts in Munnar providing superlative service for the guests. I proudly wish to claim that Blackberry Hills Munnar is indeed one of the best resorts in Munnar.

Amongst the many Munnar tour packages, perhaps the most popular one would be the Munnar honeymoon packages as it is such a pristine romantic destination. Blackberry Hills in Munnar would be an ideal place for an exotic Munnar honeymoon to start a great life as a couple. If you are a honeymoon traveller you may wish to know that we are one of the most popular Munnar honeymoon resorts and we give you the option to select our specially designed Honeymoon packages with truly unique inclusions including a Munnar spa.

Authentic spa in Munnar is difficult to find as they are mostly run by unprofessional staff focusing on Kerala massage in Munnar often using very cheap oils. If you are seeking a quality experience, it may be a good idea not to go by your driver’s word because they will in most likelihood escort you to one of the multiple random massage centres in Munnar because they provide 50% commission for bringing in a guest. Yes, half of what you pay at the massage centre goes into your drivers pocket clandestinely.  I highly advise you not to be coaxed by your driver.

Our spa, set up by world-renowned spa consultant Ms Christina Watson, focuses on international spa therapies with a blend of Ayurveda. The concept of the spa is wellness and we strive to heal the mind through the magic of touch.

I assure you that your search for good resorts in Munnar or luxury resorts in Munnar ends here and I assure you that we can offer you the best service out of all hotels at Munnar. Our cottages in Munnar are designed to please your eyes and your heart overlooking the most spectacular views of the Western Ghats in Munnar. So be sure to include us in your Munnar packages. A number of Munnar places to visit are easily accessible from our area.

So what are you waiting for? Initiate your Munnar hotel booking now and avail of great offers.

Blackberry Munnar is a spa hotel, yoga retreat, spa weekend getaway, spa resort, an ideal yoga holiday and a great yoga resort.

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