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What to expect in Shola Trekking at Blackberry Hills in Munnar 

Kerala is a paradise for all who find themselves at peace when amidst nature. Trails galore! The green southern state is a haven for all who appreciate the natural beauty to the fullest. This exotic state is a wonderland of beauty, mystery, and excitement.

Before that, don’t forget to book any resorts in Munnar.

From the rolling grasslands and valleys carpeted in greens to its scenic trails and abundant wooded turf, Kerala is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Our trekking destinations in Kerala include tea plantations, caves, streams, and more.

On the Trek, you’ll be walking among sandalwood trees decorated with lavender blooms. Explore forests rich in wildlife such as elephants and leopards.

Trekking in Munnar is a worthwhile experience. You can trek through valleys and terrains or indulge in the paradise of natural beauty. For those who want to see the Malabar Tiger during their trip, Munnar will be your destination. The destination is famous for its tea, coffee, and spice plantations.

Let’s enjoy Munnar; reserve a luxury resort in Munnar and start exploring.

If you’re looking for a trekking tour in Munnar, it’s time to go beyond the classic treks. We offer trekking tours in the high-altitude rain forests, which hold great bio-diversity and endemism, and the typical swathes of grasslands that are characteristic of the Western Ghats. These treks will have you taking in the most scenic regions of the Western Ghats.

Trek out in nature, return to a comfortable homestead, or just get away from it all on this romantic 15-acre estate with exceptional views of the Western Ghats. For those who want to romance with their loved ones or just unwind and relax, this serene land is the perfect oasis. A luxury family resort in Munnar stay or the day the estate staffs fully catered. After a leisurely morning, you can embark on this mesmerizing 3-hour hike down to Attukad village, where you’ll find a gorgeous tea plantation, a quiet river, and natural springs.

Trekking along a cardamom plantation, then sisal undergrowth that is also planted with cardamom, and eventually down through a coffee plantation and into Attukad village, where you will taste some of the best coffee in Munnar.

Trekking in Munnar is a great way to experience the rainforests and tea estates. You can trek downhill on our own trail between the estate and village or go with one of our staff. It is a lovely experience, so put on your rain gear if needed!

Our trekking in Munnar package offers a perfect blend of serene nature, great trails, and a variety of flora and fauna and stays in a resort in Munnar.

Trekking in Munnar offers the best combination of adventure, exploration, serenity, and fun!

Into nature and trekking?

Then reserve your spot with a trip to Munnar!

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with an English-speaking guide at hand.

Explore this scenic hilly region of Kerala and make sure to photograph your journey from every angle possible.

You’ll also enjoy lunch in a popular scenic spot in India—and that’s not all! Just wrap up the afternoon tea, and head back home relaxed and happy.

Hike through the beautiful Munnar forests, tea plantations, and trails to the top of the mountain. Follow in the footsteps of an early explorer as you discover this hidden gem. After a refreshing morning hike, enjoy a hearty lunch and afternoon tea on a scenic hilltop overlooking the Munnar Valley.

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