Flora & Fauna

Naturalists find a wealth of attractions in and around Munnar. Research scholars from as far as the Europe and US have spent months a stretch, studying specific aspects of the High Range zoology or botany. It is not possible to catalogue the innumerable species of plants that grow here. The keen observer can identify more than a dozen different kinds of orchids like Dendroblum and Oberonia. Red Rhododendrons grow in Top Station and Eravikulam National Park. The Large, White bell shaped flowers of Datura (Devils Trumpet) grow in abundance around Munnar. The same can be found in Blackberry Hills as well. Once in 12 years the Kurinji flower blossoms, covering the Kanab Devan Hills with a beautiful azure mantle, an event meriting mention in media. Drosera pelttata, an insectivorous plant, is found in the Rajamallai. Over the past century, a number of flowering plants, besides crops have been introduced and many have adapted to local and proliferated to the extend that they are now growing wild; these include Arum Lillies, Morning Glory and Spatodea.