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family resorts in Munnar

There are certain places that come to our mind running the moment we think about a family vacation. Munnar, located in Kerala certainly tops the list. As fun as it seems, planning a vacation also includes choosing a perfect place to stay and there are a number of luxury resorts in Munnar.

However, most of them also serve a number of world-class facilities. But how would you know what to look for in the best resorts in Munnar? A view, a spa, and a restaurant might be an attraction in all these places. What makes your stay unique is how you spend your time having fun at its peak. 

Through this blog, we would like to discuss some of the activities that our premium resort in Munnar has to offer-

1. An exciting Jeep Safari through Kolukkumalai-

Family resorts in Munnar

Making a trip to Munnar and not visiting tea estates is as futile as going to a beach and not entering the waters. So why go to any tea estate when you can go to the world’s highest tea estate-Kolukkumalai? `Imagine enjoying the scenic beauty of your surroundings all while traveling through Gap roads in Jeeps. This is exactly what the trip offers. Not just that you can also come across a dam, other tea plantations, and exotic flora and fauna.

2. A peaceful stroll through the cardamom plantations-

Resorts in Munnar

Thanks to its serene climate, Munnar is home to a number of spices including their queen-Cardamom. The short trip spanning 2 hours will take you through the fragrant plantations of these beauties that would leave an ever-lasting impact on your soul.

3. A thrilling trekking trip on Blackberry Hills estate(Shola Trek)-

Premium resorts in Munnar

One of the first things you pack while planning a vacation to Munnar would be your trekking shoes. Therefore it would be a shame if we don’t put it to good use. The 15 acres of mountainside lulled by a vast variety of flora and a river is sure to leave you wanting for more.

4. An invigorating mountain biking journey-

Resorts in Munnar for honeymoon

If you are a true adrenaline junkie then mountain trekking is definitely what you should try doing. Not only is the experience exciting but also helps you lose yourself in the beauty of nature. Be it in a group or a solo trip through Bison Valley and Lakshmi hills is what you are looking for.

5. A sincere effort to be socially conscious-

Family resorts in Munnar

A major part of being a tourist also includes being responsible. You can take short visits to the nearby Mercy home which is home to over 300 underprivileged patrons. Let your children experience charity first-hand by donating the unfortunate your time and kindness.

We are sure that this sounds exciting in every way possible. Blackberry Hills Resort is one of the prestigious luxury resorts in Munnar that can make sure your trip has every emotion that you set to discover. They not only arrange your stay but plan a complete itinerary for you so that all you have to do is book a  hotel and relax!

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