The Sisal Spa

Where Nature and Wellness Unite for a Rejuvenating Experience

Where pure mountain air & pristine mother nature cast their magic healing spell hand in hand with international wellness services so rejuvenating and world class spa facilities so inviting all under personalized attention of a caring team harmonizing you to your best self physically… mentally… spiritually… Welcome to a world of well being at Sisal!

Sisal Spa is the only spa destination in the pristine Hill station of Munnar in Kerala. Blackberry Hills has slowly graduated to this position over the period of five years. It is a classic example of how a natural wellness sanctuary is being developed in a simple co-existence amidst innumerous ferns, birds, wild flowers and trees including cinnamon. Here, the process of relaxation, rejoice and rejuvenation has a natural rhythm.

Our common knowledge or notion about a spa quickly associates to the words beauty, wellness and rejuvenation, focusing everything to one angle that is the therapy, treatment or the massage performed inside the four walls of a treatment room. Sisal Spa could very well stand out as a mountain wellness destination in the very near future. There is a clear focus and distinct vision behind this dream. Blackberry Hills has become a well adorned Indian bride ready to receive her groom, Sisal Spa. As she has comprehended very well the ten unique domains of a Spa destination highlighted by ISPA – International Spa Association. Our proposal to Camp Noel is combination of SPA in two forms – in the Solus per Aqua and Solus Per Art concept from pure Touch Spa as we have a co-branding association with Pure Touch Spa. The brand would be Sisal Pure Touch Spa. Because as far as wellness is concerned anything including the talk, gesture, product, ambience should focus on purity. No ambiguities. If all elements are pure and genuine they naturally attract a wellness. This is our original thought process.

At Sisal you experience a wellness journey along the ten domains, not just a treatment or Therapy. The element of water is a very subtle inclusion in different forms; steam, hot and cold showers in the well furnished cubicles attached to the spa suits, mist and dews, occasional drizzles and rains graced by nature. Nourishment for the body is well thought as you are served with either a warm green herbal tea or a traditional gooseberry herbal concoction before any spa ritual is begun. Also simple, healthy food is served as supplements during the course of the treatments, example honey glazed sprouts or freshly scooped seasonal fruits, a humble coconut pancake with beaten rice (aval) and black sesame seeds. The movement is an essential part of life in Blackberry Hills. A simple stroll among the trees and ferns or a light trek towards the cottages and valley is part of the ritual whether you like it or not. One day we all will be convinced that a sedentary lifestyle is a main cause of our degeneration process.

At Blackberry Hills and Sisal everyone is in a sober yet romantic motion in tune with nature. Touch as an element of Spa is well designed and perfected by Ms. Christina Watson, renowned wellness personality with more than a decade international exposure. The magical fingers of Sisal wellness associates are a class apart as commented by a mentioned in the guest feedback register. The fine elements of aesthetics are well executed in the Spa right from the reception areas to the balcony. Quality guest experience has been a continuous focus as you hear the synchronized yet distinct music flowing from the Boss Wave sound systems in the suits that itself is a piece art well nestled inside cane cabinet. The blend of natural essential oils and ingredients are signature elements at Sisal Spa. Everything is well organized in relation to space, rhythm. Respect for nature is an important factor as all treatments and spa rituals are in tune with the changes in nature and changing weather conditions.

At Blackberry Hills & Spa cultural expressions are distinctly spread over. The selection of terracotta floor tiles and roof tiles along with mural paintings tell you an under toned ethnicity. A mural art gallery focusing on the traditional Indian wellness system will be a unique feature not only in Blackberry Hills but also in Munnar as a destination. Personal and social integration of mind, body and spirit is encouraged and made possible through the activities in the resort like birding, trekking, organic farming, cooking and learning local cuisines etc. Social Responsibility as an essential element of a destination spa clearly visible as the simple grass called vetiver and endangered species of ferns could speak interesting stories and create a spark of curiosity in you. Lastly here you are led to relax as you rejoice, as you rejoice, you rejuvenate in a simple co-existence with nature. Listening to your own heartbeats along the murmur of trees you get to reflect to yourself, blooming with the long lost spiritual energy.

There are packages to choose from to suite every need and mood. At Sisal Spa you get to enjoy different bathing experiences, ranging from rose and milk combination to ayurvedic herbal baths. Sisal Spa also offers a range of essential oils and daily use herbal and natural products that you carry home.

Sisal offers a wide range of wellness services such as:
Sisal’s Signature Indulgence,
International Wellness,
Indian Rejuvenation,
Spa Body Care,
Facial Care and Teasers and Special honeymoon packages

Spa single suite with steam cabinet for ayurveda therapies attached shower cubicle.
Spa Couples suite or double room with attached double shower cubicle.
Double size Carbon far infrared sauna (Italian make ) with inbuilt music system .
Hand hammered copper bath tub for therapeutic herbal baths, rejuvenation baths such as rose milk, Marie gold flower, sea salt .
Spacious wooden deck facing the mystic river and valley for Yoga Thai stretch massages and yoga sessions.
A Spa library for mental and spiritual nourishment.

Examples of Sisal Signature treatments

1. Sisal Duet Bliss
4 hands synchronized massage 90 minutes session Bliss of an experience – only at Sisal.
Allow yourself to lose sense of time and space in this Sisal signature when two therapists working as one treat you to a synchronized full body massage therapy from head to toe, therapeutically balancing your system with the specially chosen aroma oils, just right for you. Warm river rocks and hot towel aroma fomentation transports you back to the here and now at the end of an endless bliss. Sisal SPIRIT Aroma Oil, a synergy of pure essential oils known for its harmonizing effects is used.

2. Sisal Back Comfort
A full back treat with Far Infra Red Sauna Session. 75 minutes session . A view of the Spa-Suit at Sisal Spa. The cabin in the right is an imported Carbon Infrared Sauna 66 The Executive’s Essential. A highly effective Stress & Pain relieving Back therapy with Far Infrared heat therapy. Feel the stress and strain melt away as your back is treated to a medley of techniques from various massage traditions around the world. Pressure point stimulation, deep tissue work, hot fomentation with herbs, Thai pressures and stretches all applied just at the right time and duration assures of an ultimate relaxing experience. Includes: Energy Cleansing Aroma Salt Foot Ritual, Far Infra Red Sauna Session.BackMassage, Hot fomentation Sisal SPRINT Aroma Oil synergy is used to warm up the muscles.